The Project

In 2013, Oxford Dictionary proclaimed “selfie” as the international word of the year. No wonder because we were inundated with them.

And the phenomenon brought us the advent of the selfie stick, much to the embarrassment of well, anyone who has ever used a selfie stick.

At the same time, I was turning 25 and embarking on a new personal project. I called it the Year of the Selfie. (It was an important age for me – a quarter of a century, but the age is really arbitrary. It could be the age you turn 26, or 28 – or 35 or 80.) The idea was to take a selfie every day for a year.

I hope my undertaking to see myself from the outside in, from the top down, from the bottom up, can contribute to everyone else’s understanding of themselves too.

Over the course of the year, I studied my face. I didn’t always think I was beautiful, but I became fascinated with it. Like something I recognized from a dream, I learned a lot about myself just looking at the pictures of my face. I was coming to form an impression of myself the way we all form impressions of people based on their physical appearance, their demeanours, and their personality. I was coming to see myself from the outside in as much as I was from the inside out.

More importantly, I was coming to replace the impression others had of me with the impression I had of myself – and this was the turning point. And as I continued to be self-reflective I hoped I would also be able to help others dig deep into their souls.

When I started the project I asked myself, “What if I captured a single moment every day and strung those moments together (say, over the course of a year)? Would they tell a story?”

This is a venture to get to know myself and to see myself in context.

And I want the same for you – to see yourself from your perspective, independent of how others see you. And I want to you to be able to share your journey as well.

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