Becoming Jason Bourne

In a recent blog post, I mentioned training I took that used the incredible super human observation skills of Jason Bourne to illustrate situational awareness and its importance in our daily lives.

Here is another Hollywood example:

As a deeply unobservant journalist, this training was very useful and eye-opening.

In this shocking video, on, while you were watching Evan another student was planning a school shooting.

Our instructor spoke about the Cooper Colour Codes to explain how our minds often tune out to things around us, especially in order to concentrate more fully on specific tasks. Examples:

-Code White (complete mental unawareness) ie. sleeping, texting, daydreaming

-Code Yellow (relaxed alertness) ie. simply aware of surroundings

-Code Orange (you identify potential threat & begin to formulate plan)

-Code Red (you perceive a real threat and you put your plan into action) then you re-evaluate

-The Black: fear or extreme panic (or paralysis)

The good news is you can practice observation skills: first actively, then passively. Notice exits, places you can go for help, what people are doing. As in my case, you can also try escape rooms.

This ‘‘Whodunnit’’ British transport advertisement is also good practice.

Factors effecting decision-making:

-other people around you: (one person starts freaking out and everyone freaks out – mirroring effect)
-environmental conditions
-fatigue or hunger
-drugs and alcohol
-cognitive bias

-make a mental note of any situations to help you remember later; write it down because re-telling a story can change the story, even in your own mind.