Who am I? #15

May 20I’ve just finished lunch in the park downtown. It is an incredibly beautiful day – it’s hot and sunny and the plaza is packed for the Farmer’s Market.

And I’m miserable.

This isn’t going away. Shit.

I try to ignore it. It’s just a mood – I can’t control it. It will pass…maybe.

To be sad for no reason is just so…so…disruptive.

I’m trying to go about my day and it hits me all of a sudden – like food poisoning, or a slap in the face or a text message from the guy you’re dating to say it’s over.

You gulp and get up from the park bench. You walk to the car a couple steps behind your co-worker hoping he doesn’t notice how much you want to cry.

When he says, “Where to?” you give him the directions to the next interview. And you don’t cry.