Who am I? #12

may 16 - who am iA Morning After Poem

Victories are won day to day

Some days you win

Some days you lose

Today is one of those days


Last night I went home with a married man

This morning I woke up hoping he’d put his arm around me and push the hair from my face

He was nice to me

He got me water and Advil

He spoke gently

We didn’t touch, though



I think I realized that we’re alone

Despite all the marriages, vows and best intentions

Two never become one

Two remain two, just under one roof

And in one bed

And I realized that the man who will one day share my bed

Will never stop being his own man


I realized how easy it is to make mistakes

I realized how unsafe we are with other people…

…who also make mistakes easily

I realized how easy it is to love someone

And yet, we are all still alone

For some reason, this makes me less lonely

It strengthens my resolve – I can take care of myself


I smell like his t-shirt