Who am I? #4

may 8 - who am i“There’s our firefighter,” I grab Shanelle’s arm.

“Are you sure?”

“Positive. That’s him.”

We’ve just walked into Victoria’s Tavern. Shanelle taps him on the shoulder. I think she thinks she’s doing me a favour.

I let her talk to him and I approach the bar, but I’m flustered.

A few minutes later, I see him walk out onto the patio and I take my beer and join him and his friends. I have no plan. I’m not really making a choice here – this is Attraction’s game – I’m along for the ride…again.

Conversation is easy – I’m apparently very charming. I reveal that I’ve cyber-stalked him: I know he has one sister, that he went to school away from home and a few other juicy personal details.

“You’re lucky you look like you do, or that would be creepy,” his friend says to me.

“I’m a journalist,” I defend myself. “I’m just telling you what you have shared publicly on the internet.”

I’m in, I guess. His friends seem to accept me.

Soon, the same friend is coaching my firefighter to “just ask her out already.” He says, “You need to get this girl’s number.”

And I’m obliging…what happened to ‘I’m only looking for a husband’?

Let’s be serious, Attraction doesn’t give a flying discus about husbands. In fact, it’s quite enjoying swooning about being cold and having the firefighter put his large arm around her.

I can feel every muscle in his chest – and there are a lot of them – and I fight the urge to sigh.

Soon his friends are moving to another bar: “Pinkie swear to her you’ll ask her out soon,” his friend (my wingman) coaches. Then, “Nope, doesn’t count. You didn’t kiss it!”

“Well, what if I do this?” the firefighter asks before kissing me on the lips.

I’m surprised at first, but then I like it.

I don’t know if he did it because he wanted to impress his friends or because he actually likes me. Either way, Attraction is ecstatic. I, on the other hand, feel a sudden pang of heartache and I miss Terry.