All of me #6

mar 5I had no idea how enormously talented Megan Nash was. I’d never heard her play live before.

I wanted to know why she’d stayed in Saskatchewan to make music. Megan paused before answering each of my questions; I could tell she was forming her response in her head first. I recognized for the first time how I must look when I answer questions. We were both deep thinkers.

“This album was a seclusion-inspired spark of unexpected creativity,” she said.

Megan is an artist. This is what an artist looks like. This is what an artist sounds like. This is how an artist talks about their work.

I realize I am an artist too. I have no work to show for it, per se, but I look at the world in a different way, like she does. I want to ask her if she’s ever been criticized for that. But I don’t need to – her music explains all that. And I realize it doesn’t matter.