Lazy Sunday

June 29 Lazy SundayThank you God, for taking my heaviness from me. Can you hold on to it for a little while longer? I’ve been bombarded lately.

She-devil has been testing my patience, but is so damn cute…and I’m so happy you have let me have this dog. Please give me more patience.

Thank you for letting me meet Terry. I have a good feeling about this one 😉 [Sam’s comment: did you just winky face God?]. Please let me be good to him.

Can you carve out my future for me? I’m having trouble seeing the next step. Can you let me know when you want me to move forward? Can you also let me know when I need to push and when I’m pushing too hard? I’m having trouble recognizing the difference. Can you give people around me patience with me? I know I’m trying, but I really need people to take it easy on me right now. Like I said, I’m feeling bombarded. I could use some gentleness right now.

Thank you for being there and making me feel okay. Please let it all be okay.

Love you,