June 25 ChastityI’m sorry, I can’t flirt with you. I enjoy how complimentary you are, but I’m being disingenuous.

I don’t want to sleep with you.

I’m so uninterested in sleeping with another person who doesn’t care about me, but more than that, the idea of it isn’t even exciting – it’s frightening.

I’m scared…of being taken advantage of. I’m scared of being rejected. I’m scared of it being physically painful – and you not caring.

I’m scared of being told what I should and should not like. I’m scared of being called a prude. I’m scared of being judged or being told that I’m stupid or ignorant – or being made to feel there’s something wrong with me when I get attached – not a little attached, but A LOT attached.

I’m sure there’s someone out there who gets me, and if there’s not, I guess I’ll be alone. But I won’t be alone with somebody because there’s nothing lonelier in all the world.